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Vancouver Miata Club Cruise to SAINTS Rescue

Vancouver Miata Club Cruise to SAINTS Rescue

On Sunday May 7th, we pulled our Miata RF (retractable fastback) out of the showroom and joined the Vancouver Miatas Club for a fun drive in the country. On the way, we stopped at SAINTS rescue, a special home for aging and neglected animals.

The Fraser Valley offers some fantastic scenic routes through the back woods, perfectly suited for the nimble Miata. Combine that with goodwill and friends, and you have the perfect Sunday outing.

Unfortunately, when farm animals and pets reach a certain age, if they don’t already have a long-term home and family they are at risk of abandonment, pour treatment, or being euthanized. The great dedication that SAINTS has for providing a happy and healthy home for these aging animals is truly commendable. Run by volunteers, SAINTS is in constant need of supplies and donations to keep going.

If you would like to learn more, tour their compound, or donate to the cause, visit their Facebook page for more details: SAINTS rescue.


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